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Musical Instruments

Exciting , powerful ,explosive ...The only way to describe what you get with Cover X Show, the true Aussie Pub Rock Band.

5 musicians who know what people expect from artists , perfection , energy & performance.

Together since 2010 , Cover X Show has added 2 new exciting acts that now cover all your music needs.

Cover X = All the best classic rock hits from around the globe ...from AC/DC to ZZ TOP.

OzRock Thunda =All Aussie Anthems ..only the best selection From Flowers to Jet and all your favourites in between , The Church , Mondo Rock , Screaming Jets , Choir Boys , Barns , Rose Tattoo......many more.

Our very own Tribute show ...paying the ultimate respect to Australias very own The Angels ....Dogs R Talking the Angels Tribute Show.

Showcasing all the very best Angels songs ...from Take a long line to We gotta  get out of this place , Shadow Boxer , Dogs are talking , See your face....

We have all your tastes & functions covered ..

phone= 0418 403 256 (Charlie)

E-mail =


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